Art & Culture


Immerse yourself in a space of sophisticated design and curated art pieces that preserve our heritage and inspire creativity.

Ahmed Al Bahrani

The Famous Iraqi Artist had produced a statement piece inspired by the roots of our culture, depicting the Faqqua Iris, native to Jerusalem. The Faqqua iris can be found in poetry and music and now we are proud to have a Al Bahrani Faqqua as a center piece of our reception.

Shouq Al Mana

Shouq Al Mana is a Qatari contemporary artist whose practice resonates with Sanads values, focusing on culture and identity by merging elements from the past and the present. None more so than 'Egal' which stands proudly in our Reception serving as a tribute to Qatar’s traditions. The raised stance of the egal is a symbol of respect and appreciation towards Qatar’s leadership, citizens and residents.

Jassim Al Nassrallah

Believing in the importance of modernizing calligraphy and respecting its history is what brought this artwork to life. Jassim Al Nasrallah, Kuwaiti master of calligraphy, has skillfully and meaningfully produced a beautiful message. The sculpture was inspired by an Old Arabic saying that echos the philosophy of Sanad, and embodies Arab hospitality. Jassim Al Nasrallah has beautifully captured its meaning in this stone artwork, which reminds visitors that at Sanad - our home is your home.