Sawa Restaurant

Sawa is our destination restaurant within Sanad for modern Levantine Cuisine. Where we foster the luscious tastes of the region through a modern interpretation of authentic products with a contemporary twist on both presentation and technique. Offering a sharing Style that encourages the gathering of loved ones creating new memories with a generous pinch of nostalgia.


Anas Photo


Executive Chef Anas Tabbara

Chef Anas Tabbara is a Lebanese-born chef, hailing from Dubai. His culinary journey began at one of the most prestigious culinary schools in Switzerland, where he honed his skills and developed a unique and innovative approach to cooking. Chef Anas is renowned for his creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional cuisine. As a true traveler at heart, Chef Anas draws inspiration from his journeys around the globe. Exploring diverse cultures and experiencing various culinary traditions, he brings an eclectic and worldly flair to his dishes. He firmly believes that food is not just a combination of ingredients but a reflection of one's perspective, culture, and experiences.


Before your visit to Sanad, a few key 'club rules' that will help make your time with us as memorable as possible.


  • Diners at SAWA by Sanad, are encouraged to dress for the occasion and be respectful in their choice of smart attire.
  • On Fridays you are welcome to enjoy together with children up to 4pm.


  • Clean, crisp, fashionable trainers are allowed, though flip-flops, gym wear, and revealing outfits are not.
  • During the week, we allow children over the age of 10 only